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Workplace Safety and Health Consultancy Services

With experienced and well-trained staff, we provide value-added consultancy services with due diligence and pride. Our current pool of WSH Consultants is able to customise and assist clients in meeting their needs of a cost-effective organisation. This includes assisting clients in doing gap analysis, baseline audits, reviews, risk assessments and attaining bizSAFE certifications.


We are continually making effort to design safety and health posters to thank our clients for their continuous support. This also helps our clients promote safety and health awareness at their workplaces.


With our vast experience and expertise in all industries. We are able to assist our clients in formulating their company’s Safety & Health Handbook

Service Packages

We design our service package which are customized and budgeted to your specific needs. These include the scope of services expected, the duration of presence of our personnel and the kind of activities that meet the requirements of the prevailing Workplace Safety and Health legislation.

Every effort is taken to customize to the needs of our clients. We take initiative to help our clients take new directions in safety and health management in an ever-changing industrial environment and increasingly stringent requirements of the local Workplace Safety and Health legislation. Our efforts and services have since been well-accepted and supported by our clients.

  • Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO) services
  • Workplace Safety and Health Coordinators (WSHC) services
  • Environmental Control Officers (ECO) services
  • Risk management system consultancy services
  • Registration of factories and worksites services
  • Development of workplace safety and health management system
  • Development of environmental management system
  • Work at height supervisor, assessor, manager
  • Confined space safety assessor services
  • Noise monitoring officer services
  • Fire Safety Manager (FSM) services
  • Customized training program (Workplace Safety and Health/Fire Safety)

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We are equipped with gas monitoring equipment for the purpose of monitoring various gases in confined spaces and noise monitoring equipment for monitoring and control purposes. With such sophisticated equipment, we are then able to advise our clients on the safety and health precautions needed to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our clients.

Workplace Noise Monitoring (Noise Mapping)

Our Noise Monitoring Officer shall conduct the noise monitoring as required under WSH (Noise) Regulations. All monitoring results shall be presented in a noise monitoring report, prepared in accordance with the second schedule of the WSH (Noise) Regulations

Boundary Noise Mapping

Conduct noise survey under the NEA regulation for Environmental Protection and Management (Boundary Noise Limits for Factory Premises) Regulations.

Personal Noise Monitoring (Dosimetry)

A personal noise monitoring gives a more accurate representation of the worker’s exposure to noise during his entire work shift. The dosimeter which is used for personal monitoring stores the noise level measured during the monitoring and averages the data that it collects concurrently.